Web Archive after Trump victory


A non profit organisation called The Internet Archive has announced it will back up all of it’s data, at a site in Canada, due to the Trump election victory. They back up around 300 million websites every week, but said it was concerned that in the future  there would be "a web that may face greater restrictions".


Trump has used extremism as his reason for wanting to ‘close off’ parts of the internet, although he hasn’t gone into any detail as to how he would achieve this. It has been suggested that Trump has no true definition of extremism himself, so what does this mean for the US public, and internet users worldwide, to a degree too.


The Internet Archive is a huge record of websites, books, audio and software that can be browsed free of charge online. They have already suggested to back up their data in Canada would cost them millions. Other observers have stated that if Trump closed off parts of the internet he would violate the First Amendment of the US Constitution.


The UK's Open Rights Group stated ‘Libraries in the UK should remember that they too are subject to excessive surveillance powers that may be abused, and UK internet surveillance material is accessible to the NSA [National Security Agency’


What I find strange is that  the UK passed new powers of surveillance to it’s own security services but it was hidden away with mainstream media channels all following the Trump campaign a few weeks back.


There is a big difference between an extremist and an activist…...something that Trump won’t be able to clearly define.