VR Headsets

Hey folks, today I am writing about the new virtual reality headsets that are now available worldwide. We have hit 2016 and jumped into the future, Virtual Reality is finally here for everyone’s use. The most popular headsets on the market would have to be the legendary PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and the Samsung Gear VR. Companies first tried out VR technology in the early 90s where it failed miserably due to the lack of tech/possibly imagination back then. Now developers are creating the most out of this world mind-blowing VR experiences that out does expectations and will change the reality of gaming as we know it.  This is something that is long overdue, we being the customers have been waiting for about 20 years too finally be what we expected so long ago.

There are also many other possibility’s with this technology as the VR manufactures said “The sky is the limit”. They are going to start working on VR glasses for blind people to help them get an image of what life really looks like. I’m not sure about the tech behind these, I’m sure it is going to be mind-bending non-the-less and even more so for the people using them! This tech could lead into some great things, help people in many different ways that are just waiting to be discovered. My personal favourite for gaming has to be the PlayStation VR, it may have lower screen resolution but it’s an accessory to an existing gaming platform (PlayStation). It brings awesome out of this world gaming to your already existing console. This is a massive bonus to the consumer and is something that PlayStation have always been good with, keeping everything working together. 

VR Headset