Hey everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I read some crazy tech news that I had to share with you all, as the offer is only valid until July 31st. If you purchase and Iphone from the budget company owned by Spring, then you will get 12 months of unlimited talk, text and data (yes you read that right, unlimited data) for $1. You also get some bonus perks courtesy of Mr. Richard Branson and his broad Virgin empire. Sign up with your new phone by September 30th of 2017 and you can get the following perks from the mega-company.

Virgin Mobile Inner Circle Club

A new club started just for this promotion, the Virgin Mobile Inner Circle Club has got to have the catchiest name in existence for a loyalty club. Nevertheless, you get some pretty sweet perks. Not only do you get a free round trip companion to jolly ole England on Virgin Atlantic, but you also get to enjoy a free night at Virgin Hotels which are pretty dang luxurious. For anyone heading to the UK, the companion ticket offers the chance for some significant savings.

Unlimited Talk, Text and Data

If you have a Virgin mobile contract, you will know how much this service can cost. At almost $50 a month, this offer can essentially pay for your new Iphone in the 12 months. Even if you decide to take advantage of these amazing savings after the cut off date of July 12th, you can still get six months of service for the same $1. That is still a savings of almost $300! Anyone wanting to get a new Iphone should jump on this deal immediately.

Virgin Mobile