Get the Most of Your Upgraded Computer

What's up everyone and welcome back to my blog about the computer age. Today I am going to talk about some very graphically demanding games. I recently upgraded all the components for my desktop and I am now looking for some games to really push it to its limit. All the parts were bought second hand online so they aren't the newest but still new to me and that's good enough. All of the games I will be looking at are currently available, no pre-ordering needed. I won't be covering any VR games in this post as I do not have any VR equipment (I don't see the HTC Vibe being here anytime soon) but that shouldn't exclude to much from what I have seen. All games are posted in random order. 

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 2 was the game that really pushed hardware limitations when it came out a whopping six years ago and Just Cause 3 is keeping the series true. Released late last year, this game is just insane. Thanks to the Avalanche engine that has some of the best physics I have seen from any game you can explore a luscious tropical island (that would be a good place to use a Trackr) anyway you want to, before realizing that everyone on said island wants to kill you.  As it goes in most games like this however, you are allowed to kill them back and another thanks to the Avalanche engine for letting you kill them back in so many different ways. Not only is the physics engine ridiculous taxing, but there is so much smoke and fire and explosions that Micheal Bay would get jealous. Maxing out all the settings on this beautiful game makes it run a bit choppy on my upgraded PC, around 27FPS which is not why we play PC. The game gets too choppy to really play but with a really fancy machine it would be incredible.

just cause 3 


ARK: Survival Evolved

This game might not be on most people radars but it really should. ARK is a survival game where you get dropped on an island filled with dinosaurs. Do I really need to say anything else about this? When the game was announced last year many were confused. Why release the game so closely to the release of another similar game by the same studio under a similar name? If you play the game for just a bit, or even watch the game release trailer, you will see why it was made. The graphics are amazing, and for a multiplayer driven game that is applaudable. It is still in Steam Early Access, so be prepared for it to get better and better. The strain it puts on your system can be a ton though, thanks to all the lush landscapes and tall mountains with lengthy draw distances. How taxing do you ask? Oh, it only runs at about 8FPS AT MAX SETTINGS. Eight. The number less than nine. Hopefully with future patches and river optimizations then this game will become more playable but for now its best enjoyed at medium.

ark survival evolved


Yes, that Crysis. The one that was released in 2007 and made famous the meme “But can it play Crysis” because nothing really could. The folks over at Crytek said they wanted to make it future proof and they seemed to have done it. The backgrounds, the foliage, lighting, godrays everything looks amazing and just as good as most game released this year. This game is similar to Just Cause in engine, in the fact that its explosions, particle affects, dynamic water movement and extreme physics all combine for a very taxing experience. It can still run incredibly well on modern day systems however, clocking in at almost 68FPS running off my three GTX 980s.


GTX 980


Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is one of my favourite games released in the past couple years. I have made multiple attempted play throughs before something always happens to stop me, be it moving across the world or the disk breaking. I have yet to play it on PC or next gen consoles however, so I am dying to try out the new first person mode. On the PC you also have a plethora of options related to graphics and engine, including population density which affects pedestrians and vehicles alike. With all the setting maxed out however this game becomes sadly unplayable. The VRAM requirments are very high, and because VRAM doesn't stack it doesn't matter how many cards I have.It will run smoothly on lower settings, but what's the fun in that? I will not be playing this game on my PC until I get some upgraded parts(again!) so for now it will be known as Grand Theft Frame rate to me.