Surround Sound Computer Headsets

    What's going on everybody, it's your favourite computer and electronics blogger back again with another important topic to talk to you fine folks about; computer headsets. Surround sound computer headsets to be exact. I do a lot of gaming so the idea of surround sound headsets already appeal to me just so that I can be that much better at what I am doing, but after moving back into a small one room house with my girlfriend where my computer and TV are fairly close to the computer, I have reservations about using stuff at night in case I wake her up. I could use some cheap headphones, but those often can leak a lot of noise that can be just as bad as if you had no headphones on. Plus I would hate to make a mistake on a game because I couldn't hear so I compiled a shortlist of 7.1 surround sounds computer headsets for you guys.


Sentey GS-4531 Symph- The Sympth uses up a USB port instead of just your mic port, meaning that you need a little bit more room than a normal headset. The Sympth is a great piece of technology though, with the ability to be used with a PC or a PS4, this 7.1 noise isolating headset is a bargain.


Logitech G35- Logitech always makes good headsets, and the G35 is no exception. Not only does it look amazing, this nifty little headset works with any operating system between XP and 10, and has all the buttons on the side of the ear cups for easy accessibility. The headset even comes with three different options for headbands so you can choose the one that fits you best.


I hope you guys like those choices, obviously there are so many more but those are the two that stick out to me.


surround soundLogitech G35