Hi again folks, back again with another post about the Segway, well it is slightly about the Segway at any rate. I said last time about the "Hoverboards" that you can get now and are extremely popular in the city. They have a scope of names, running from Swegway, to scaled down Segway to Hoverboard. That is correct, I'm as lost as you seem to be.

With the late blast there are obviously loads of choices and diverse sorts to get. There are however just two primary gatherings. One that has one wheel (or two) amidst the board with your feet either side (AirWheel), and after that the board that has a wheel at both finishes of the board and your feet clearly go in the center.

Presently with the littler Hoverboard it can make for exceptionally troublesome riding of asphalts and other uneven surfaces, so it is fitting to navigate at a mobile pace (pointless right?) or discover some extremely pleasant even ground that you can hone on. This is the place the clunkier AirWheel has the point of preference on the grounds that the wheel is much bigger and can along these lines handle more tough sorts of territory than the Hoverboard. They are only somewhat more hard to turn, yet I think you could get the hang of that before long.

The AirWheel is additionally expected to be totally waterproof, so you can ride in downpour and through puddles no issue, though the Hoverboard is not and will just take sprinkles of water before it is liable to glitch.

Hoverboards are accessible now even with Bluetooth speakers manufactured in, furthermore some have GPS, so there is a hurl up truly between the two unique models. I think the Hoverboard looks cooler by and by! I looked up for cheap segway and I found one on http://segway-forsale.com/