The New Samsung Galaxy S8 - A brief Overview

Hey everyone. I hope you are well. I would like to welcome you back to my computers and electronics blog. I guess most of you are already aware that Samsung recently introduced his new flagship Smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+. More information can be found on their website
Luckily I was able to get my hands on the S8. So here are my first impressions about Samsung's latest smartphone. Honestly, I was really looking forward to it, especially after my latest disappointment with the iPhone. You can read the hole story here. But now lets get back to business. The Samsung Galaxy S8.

New Display - New Aspect Ratio

The display is huge and a real eye-catcher. The S8 comes with a 5.8' and the S8+ a 6.2' screen. In comparison to the old models, the aspect has slightly changed. Instead of the common 16:9 ratio, Samsung now uses a 18.5:9 widescreen.
Additionally to the aspect ratio, the resolution changed as well. Instead of the WQHD, Samsung now switched to WQHD+, which is approximately 2.960 x 1.440 pixel. But to use the full resolution, you have to change the settings first. By default it is set to FHD+ (2.220 x 1.080 pixel).

Samsung Galaxy S8 Front

The used AMOLED-display. Is a real killer. It is very crisp and sharp. The colours are impressively vibrant and the contrast is outstanding at a rate of 9.227:1. This is roughly ten times more then the current iPhone 7.

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Design and Handling

Despite the large display, the new smartphones feels good and it is not too big. One can easily operate it even with just one hand. Due to the new aspect ratio it is actually a bit slimmer then the old S7. And because of the slightly curved display, the metal frame is hardly visible anymore. Now it is actually just a few millimetres. The whole appearance, including the elongated shape and with the rounded corners, is very stylish and extremely noble. Due to the rounded backside, the Galaxy S8 fits well in the hand.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Detail

Because of the new, large display, the old Home Button has completely disappeared. Instead it will show up, including other controls, when you need them if you touch the display. The downside is you can not feel it blindly anymore, especially in the dark. There is no clear pressure point. But therefore it is waterproof according to IP68.

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New Biometric Options

A big issue is the new location of the fingerprint sensor. It is now located on the back of the device right next to the camera. In order to unlock the phone, you have to put your finger slightly diagonally on the back and hit the scanner. But if your finger is tilted too much, the scan will fail. I needed several attempts to get it right, which was quite annoying.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Back

Maybe it just needs some practise but for me it is just not intuitive. Also, occasionally I put my finger on the camera so the lens was dirty and smeared afterwards. Of course you don't need the fingerprint sensor and can use other means like the classy PIN or a user-defined pattern. But Samsung also offers two new biometric options to unlock the phone: facial recognition and an iris scanner. Once scanned, the front camera detects the user's face when he or she presses the virtual home button or the power button on the side. afterwards the device is immediately unlocked. And it works amazingly well, even if the head is tilted slightly.

Finally I have to admit the New Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great phone with an amazingly outstanding display and the latest technology. And if you are now curious about this new phone, make sure you take a look at They offer great deals on electronics, smartphones and all types of consumer electronics as well as fancy accessories also for the iPhone and iPad.