Madden 18 Cover Athlete

Hey there everyone, what’s going on? Welcome back to my computer and electronics blog where today we are going to put the cameras and tablets on hold to talk about something different. Tom Brady. For those of you who don’t know, the cover athletes for EA’s latest American Football simulation game was recently announced and it was none other than league scapegoat( and GOAT) Tom Brady. Although Brady has been ravaging the league since starting his first game in 2001, this is the first year he has been on the cover of Madden. Over half of the athletes who have graced the cover of this prestigious game over the years have gone on to have a terrible season, often ending in a season or career ending injury. Now fans of the series are asking (and hoping) for a similar curse to afflict Brady. 

The game itself promises to be an exciting one, with it being the first time an engine change has occurred since the release of Madden 2006. Gameplay trailers boast about the new engine allowing for more dynamic and more random outcomes on each play, ie not seeing the same three animations for a tackle the whole game. Something the fans are wondering about is whether or not we will see yet another card trading based game that EA can print money from, or whether we will see the return of fan favourite modes like mascot mayhem or the original Superstar mode. Not much has been mentioned by the developers as is usuall, and with the game set to release in two months we might not get much else before release. All we know now is that fans are excited, and Patriots fans are scared. Have a great day everyone.

 Madden 18 Tom Brady