Why I still love my iPad. 

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my computer and electronics blog.   The only extravagant item I bought myself for travelling was my iPad.  After years of umming and ahhing and not wanting to spend that much money on one device I finally gave in and purchased the iPad Mini 2 in Space Grey with 32GB of storage and 7.9 inch Retina display.  I bought it from the Apple store online and got it inscribed with one of my favourite quotes as a pick me up when I’m on the road and missing home ‘you can, you should & if you’re brave enough to start, you will.’ by Stephen King.  Now nearly 2 years old my iPad has been with me through thick and thin, 12 countries and god knows how many bangs and scrapes.  I recently bought my partner an iPad from my favourite bargain website where you can buy cheap electronics.

iPad 1

Portable for travelling. 

When I left to go travelling I brought my iPhone and my iPad with me as my only electronics.  Although I was away for a year I decided against bring a laptop due to the size and weight, and wanting to fit as much as possible into my smallish rucksack.  It fits great into your hand for watching movies, listening to music or reading, and still has a large enough screen size, 5 inches by 7 inches, but is less than ¾ of a cm thick.   


One of the best things about having an iPad is the crazy almost limitless amount of applications and games that you have available at your fingertips.   

 iPad mini

My favourite apps:

Alien Blue for Reddit.
Unfortunately not available any longer, the Alien Blue app for Reddit is a great alternative to the official Reddit app.  Reddit is a great way to keep up to date with worldwide news and social commentary.  As of this year Reddit is the 25th most visited website across the world, and has 234 million unique users. Another great alternative to the official Reddit app is Bacon Reader.


Amazing for long trips without any wifi, Spotify is best when you’ve purchased a premium account.  Having the ability to download music at the touch of a button without having to purchase each artist or album individually is amazing if you’re someone who has a diverse taste in music and likes to explore different genres of music.  Discover Weekly from Spotify gives you a weekly mix of music chosen for each user based on your taste.  And Daily Mixes, only available on phones, such as the Samsung S5, or tablets, and gives you between 3 and 6 individual mixes based on different genres of music.


I can’t give each individual game I play its own unique category because thanks to my iPad I have gone through hundreds of games without paying a penny.  The amount of free games available from the app store is one of the best reasons having an iPad is great for long periods of time with nothing to do.


As much as I wanted to bring my kindle travelling with me, I knew that having 2 devices would mean I would inevitably lose one.  The Kindle app is a great alternative, and although not as good for your eyes you can change the brightness of the screen on the app as well as on the iPad, and can change the background away from a white glare to a Sepia tone, or even black for night time reading.  

BBC News, Sky News and HuffPost.

3 of my favourite apps for my iPad are news apps.  It sends notifications every time something major happens worldwide, which if you’re constantly on the move is pretty hard to keep up with. 

Word, Excel, etc. 

Last year for 5 months I was teaching at a local school.  I managed to create all the documents I needed, and keep track of the individual student's progress simply through using Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.   I unfortunately didn't have access to a keyboard, but if you buy an apple iPad keyboard then it makes it even easier to type away on such a small device.

iPad keyboard

I also found it a great source to have with me for further explanation and to help with showing images and videos to the children, as with it being a public school in Cambodia there wasn’t any computers in the classrooms.  Another great alternative to Microsoft, which is fairly expensive, is the Google Drive app which gives you  it’s own Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.

If I’m honest I can not think of a day that has gone past over the last 2 years where I haven’t used my iPad for some reason or other.  Even though I’m back at home with my Upgraded Computer I still use it daily,  It’s probably my favourite piece of electronics that I have, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.