iPad Accessories

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing great and I would like to welcome you back to my computers and electronics blog. I was recently asked to help a friend pick out an Ipad and some accesories before he goes on the road for 8 months. Being the tech guru I am, obviously I had to give him a hand. I convinced him that if I found a used Ipad online then we could spend more on the accesories and he agreed so I showed him the huge list of Ipads for sale at http://www.for-sale.ie/ and he found a great deal. Then we got to the fun part-accessories.


I talked about this more in depth in my iPhone 7 headphones post, but here is a refresher if you need one. Everyone needs a good set of headphones for their iPad. If you want to watch movies, play games, listen to music or even just watch the news headphones are vital. Not only do they let you listen closer to whatever is happening on the screen, but you can also better tune out all the annoying distractions happening around you. An additional piece of gear to get is a headphone splitter, so you and a friend can use your own headphones at the same time.

iphone 7 headphones

Case or Cover

A tablet is an expensive piece of technology and it should be treated with care. Unless you have an indestructible case on it, in that case chuck it across the room! That is why I have always had a Tough case for my iPad, but some people I have talked to prefer the Smart Cover. My friend found a cheap used Apple Smart Cover at http://www.for-sale.ie/apple-ipad-smart-cover and since he has been using it he notes battery life is a little better. I still don’t see why you would pay the extra to buy a case just so you don’t have to press the sleep button but that is why I convinced him to buy used.


Apple Smart Cover


I know that one of the coolest things about the Ipad and Iphone when they came out is the fact that your finger is the stylus. I get it. Its pretty cool. But sometimes my finger is greasy, or has something on it or frankly is just not appropriate to be used on a tablet. That is why I think every tablet holder needs at least one stylus. My friend was initially against it, but once I showed him a couple of cheap Apple iPad Styluses for sale on http://www.for-sale.ie/apple-ipad-stylus he agreed it was a good investment.


Magnetic Stylus  

HDMI Adapter

I was recently travelling for a long period of time with only my Ipad as a means of entertainment. I had some sports matches to watch, stand up to listen to and lots more downloaded but all on that small screen. That is why I got an HDMI adapter for my Ipad, as I often was staying somewhere with a larger screen but no way of hooking the two together. This is also great for at home use, giving you the ability to easily switch from watching a video while laying on the couch, to watching the same video with the whole family. 

Anything you want!

Remember when picking out accessories for your Apple Ipad that you can buy whatever you want. I’m just sharing my stories and what I feel are the most important companions to use with your Ipad. If you have some more, please share them in the comments section. If you liked this post, please head on over to our last post about iOS updates. Have a great day everyone!