Best iPhone 7 Headphones

Hey guys and gals, how are you doing? Welcome back to my computers and electronics blog, so sorry that it has been empty lately. I will be trying to post as much as I can from now on. It’s just that I got some money for Christmas and found an Iphone 7 that wasn’t too expensive from this classified ads website and have been spending all my free time on it. I love listening to my music on the go, but without a headphone jack I have to use the lame buds that came with the phone. Luckily there are some great bluetooth headphones out there that work great with the Iphone 7, and while they are expensive you can find them way cheaper online!

Skullcandy Method Wireless

Skullcandy has came a long way since everyone wanted to have their stickers on their binders in high school. In the past couple years the company has made some great strides in comfortable wrap around headphones for a good workout. With their latest bluetooth headphones (Method) they continued with that, and made comfortable bluetooth headphones that won't slide out when they get sweaty. A great budget set, check out some really low prices on Skullcandy heaphones  at .


Skullcandy Wireless

Beats Solo 3

The Beats Solo 3 might seem like one of the most expensive option out there, and it is. This time there is a bit of a reason for it, as the headphones use the same Apple W1 chip found in the Apple Airpods. The chip offers some great ease of use for iOS users and the headphones do deliver a solid bassy listening experience. The improved range means that the headphones work well for home or office use. There is also an included audio cable to use with your PC. Good headphones, but with the price point it's best to look for some second hand beats solo for sale, possibly on

Beats solo 3

Apple Airpods

The wireless earphones from Apple didn’t have a great launch, delayed indefinitely at launch and only available at the end of the year.  Rather than any swipe or gesture controls, Apple Airpods use your voice and Siri to control the screen.  Audibly the headphones are fairly mid range; they offer a fairly decent bass response, and clear, crisp high notes.  However, due to the lack of in-canal seals similar to the iPad and iPhone earphones, the Apple Airpod allows outside noise in, creating a lower end sound than the price point should offer.  

Apple Airpods

Lightning port adaptor.

And if you’re really not happy with any of the iPhone 7 headphone option then you can always buy the Lightening to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack adaptor from Apple.  Only $9 from the Apple Store and you will be able to use your phone to listen to music like you used to.

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