Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my computer and electronics blog. I have been watching all the new episodes of my favourite shows that have come out since the spring seasons started, and found that my ad blocker is no longer working very well. I keep getting all these pages popping up half way through the show advertising some terrible ‘adult’ computer game, and they wouldn't even be an issue if it wasn’t for the voice talking about verifying your age every 30 seconds. I took a look at more ad blockers and found that you just have to try them out and see what works for you. Take a look at these ad blockers if you are having similar issues to mine.




AdBlock Plus

This was actually the ad blocker that I used to use, and then the videos I was watching would have ads that went past them. It seems they have upped their game in 2017 though, as AdBlock Plus is the highest downloaded ad blocker with versions available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and even Opera. They have even released a version for internet explorer, although I don’t know why anyone using Internet Explorer would be looking at extensions. This extension allows you to customize your blocks to filter out malware and social media buttons, and you can set your favourite website to have whitelisted ads to help them stay in the black.



A surprisingly similar name, AdBlock is of no relation to Adblock Plus and is the second major ad blocker in use. AdBlock allows you to set your own filter lists or use the default setting and block ad content from the major known ad providers. You can also choose from others users list, which allows you to find users with similar online browsing as you that will have similar ad blocking desires.